(4 X 4 ) Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

4 wheel drives and converted 2 wheel drive automatic and manual transmissions are almost exactly identical in terms of housing and gear ratios. Often times, these two transmissions will also have the same spline count on their output shafts however, this can be the key difference between the two transmissions. 

Two wheel transmissions will sometimes have longer shafts whereas the four wheel version of the transmission will often mate to a transfer case in order to distribute power to both the rear and front axles. When considering whether to convert your 2 wheel drive transmission into a 4 wheel drive transmission, consider the benefits and if your vehicle is suited for four wheel drive. 

For example: Consider if your vehicle is equipped to handle the demands of a four wheel vehicle. Will you be doing any off roading with your 4 wheel drive vehicle? Make sure you have lower gears to handle rougher terrains. If your vehicle was meant for conversion, there may already be a “dummy” transfer case. 

We advise leaving 4 wheel conversions to trained professionals. Consult with the professionals at Richmond Transmission Service. We will best advise you on all of your options for the best transmission rebuild possible. 

Our professionals are highly trained with the tools and knowledge to get your vehicle out in the field, or just back on the road. 

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