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 Concerned about an unusual shift feel or driving conditions? That may be your transmission telling you something is wrong. Below are some signs of a worn out transmission:

  • Delayed or Lack of Response: If your car shows delay in shifting gears, it can indicate an issue with the transmission fluid. Letting the problem persist may allow for future damage, so don’t wait to have your transmission fluid checked.

  • “Check Engine” Light: Sensors throughout your engine can alert you to many different types of problems, and transmission malfunctions are displayed through the “Check Engine” light. Bring your car in for a professional diagnosis if your dashboard lights start warning of trouble.

  • Odd Noises: Back to that rumbling and mumbling mentioned earlier, when your car begins making noises it shouldn’t, you may want to have your transmission checked. Keep alert for noises like unusual rumbling, humming, or even buzzing sounds.

  • Grinding Gears: While a manual transmission may grind gears due to a clutch that needs replacing, an automatic transmission plays by different rules. Consider bringing your car in for a diagnosis if your automatic is grinding gears or your manual continues to do so even after replacing the clutch.

  • Burning Smell: The only time a burning smell may be good is around a cozy fire. If you notice your car is producing a burnt scent, reach out for an inspection or potential repairs. 

  • Leaking Fluid: One of the easier symptoms to spot, take note if your car is leaking fluid. Depending on the problem, you may need the help of professionals with specialized tools. Call Richmond Transmission Service today for a free quote.

Transmission Rebuild Services

In conducting a transmission rebuild, Richmond Transmission Service can do a complete overhaul or simply replace a few worn parts without an entire transmission replacement. The suggested course of action depends on the current overall health of your transmission. But why, should you find that you need repairs, is a transmission rebuild service a good option to consider?

Stay Cost Effective

Think back to the gearbox reference mentioned earlier. With a transmission comprised of so many parts, it can be costly to replace the entire thing; not only are you replacing the base structure but also each individual gear that goes into making the transmission function properly. Instead of replacing the transmission, along with any parts that are still functional, the process of a rebuild focuses only the components that are wearing down. In doing so, a transmission rebuild service can help you avoid the relatively large costs of purchasing a replacement while optimizing your current transmission.

Optimize Your Transmission

In order to identify worn parts during a rebuild, those working on the rebuild may conduct a thorough inspection and cleaning of each of the many gears to make sure the rebuild offers optimal functionality. This inspection allows us, at Richmond Transmission Service, to identify any worn down parts that need attention. With a transmission rebuild completed by the right professionals, you can have your transmission operating like new.

Rebuild Quicker 

Normally, a transmission rebuild will have your car ready to go home after just three or four days. This saves a significant amount of time versus replacing your transmission, which may result in a wait time of a week or more while the shop locates, orders, ships, and finally installs the proper parts.In essence, choosing a transmission rebuild service can offer you a cost effective, functional, and oftentimes quicker solution to your transmission needs. Alongside rebuilds, Richmond Transmission Service offers an array of transmission services so that you may rest easy when it comes time to repairs.

Your Transmission is Important

Now that you know the signs of a worn out transmission and what options you have for repair, let’s look at why your transmission is important. Like an engine, it is a vital component comprised of parts that wear down over time. However, instead of a machine, a transmission is usually in reference to a gearbox. It works differently for automatic and manual cars.

Automatic vs Manual

  • Automatic: Unlike with manual cars where you use a clutch to shift the gears yourself, an automatic transmission does the hard work for you. A torque converter senses your acceleration or deceleration and accommodates for the change by shifting to a higher or lower gear, whichever is appropriate. Essentially, this type of transmission is an automatic gear shifter.

  • Manual: Think of a manual transmission like a bicycle gear shifter; when operating, the engine is temporarily disconnected from your transmission similar to how a bicycle chain lifts off the gears when you shift. Operating the clutch causes that disconnection, which allows your car to move into a new gear so that you can continue driving.

Maintain Your Transmission

Whether your transmission is manual or automatic, you can take steps to help prevent excessive wear and tear. With the transmission a key player in keeping your car running smoothly—or running at all—and also being one of the most expensive components in a vehicle, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Renew Your Transmission Fluid: Keeping your transmission fluid clean can better protect the gears from overheating while lubricating working components.
  2. Check Your Transmission Fluid Levels: Make sure your transmission fluid isn’t too low, Without the proper amount of fluid to lubricate the components your transmission has to work harder, which can lead to future problems.
  3. Don’t Let Your Car Overheat: When your car overheats it affects the engine and may cause harm to the transmission. Have it checked by a professional.
  4. Consider Towing Limits: Pushing your car, SUV, or truck’s towing capacity can put a great amount of pressure on your transmission, even if the vehicle is rated for its towing capabilities.
  5. Stop Then Shift: Automatic transitions or any age are strongly encouraged to reach a full stop before shifting to avoid unnecessary strain on your transmission.

Richmond Transmission Services

Whether something’s gone wrong with your transmission or you’re diligent about its upkeep, rely on Richmond Transmission Services. Located in Melbourne, FL and Palm Bay, FL, we are Brevard County’s highest ranking transmission facility. From passenger vehicles to commercial and high performance, we do it all.

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